Ursula Sew A Long – Week 2

{Editor note: Life got totally in the way of posting this last week, but look for an update by the end of this week for Week 3! – Cheryl}

Hey everyone! Ashley here…This week we’re going to tackle the tentacles and prepare them to be quilted and put together with their counter parts.  Last week you should have drafted the tentacle pattern and learned how much super structure foam and fabric you needed for this week.

Take the pattern that you made for your tentacles and lay it out to roughly cut out the shape of your tentacles from your fabric of choice.  I layered up all 6 layers of quilting weight cotton that I had and roughly cut out all of them in one pass with my Sew Much Cosplay Sew Super Shears.  You don’t need to be exact here, a basic shape is going to be more helpful at this point than being precise.

After you’ve cut all of your tentacles out you need to fuse them to the super structure foam.  Twist and turn them to fill out the space in the most efficient way possible to have good size scraps left for your next project.  Go ahead and give them all a good press to fuse your fabric t the super structure foam.  Next you’ll want to lay out the tentacle pattern on each one and outline that shape.  I used sidewalk chalk to get a nice bright marking at this point to be able to see it well.  On to the suckers!

To cut my suckers I used an O from font I found online and layered 3 of them inside of one another to get the shape I wanted.  I’m including the SVG file that I used if you want to recreate the same sucker.  For the first one of these I made I cut 9 complete sets per tentacle and pressed them on, the size of your tentacle may require more or less.

Click here to download the Suckers_SVG file!

Powershine Glitter and Foil are heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and go on easily with your home iron.  If you are not familiar with HTV, it is comprised of the pretty vinyl as well as a clear carrier sheet.  When you use a digital cutter to cut it you usually only cut though the pretty side and then weed (remove) the vinyl that you are not using leaving what you want stuck to the clear carrier sheet so you can press it on your surface.  This technique is generally referred to as a kiss cut or a half cut.  In this case, I wanted to cut entirely though the carrier sheet too so I had 6 separate ovals to use for suckers. Cut as desired, with a digital cutter or by hand.  Arrange them on your tentacle and press on the arrangement you desire following the directions on the package for iron temperature.

Peel off the clear carrier sheet once the Powershine Glitter has cooled, this is referred to as a cold peel and ensures that the Powershine is set before you remove the carrier sheet (at this point the Powershine is machine washable, can be dried in the drier and is also able to be dry cleaned).  Repeat for the rest and I’ll see you here next week so we can quilt and assemble the tentacles!

Click here to download this week’s printable here! 

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