Ursula Sew A Long – Week 1 – Drafting Tentacles!

Hey everyone, Ashley here.  Ok, let’s Go!  Hopefully you were able to source your materials for this week, if you didn’t find everything yet, that’s okay.  Let’s dive in!

In this week’s video I’ll be showing you how to modify your pattern for the tentacles based on a full circle skirt pattern.  My recommended pattern is Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart Dress, you can also work this week from a full circle skirt pattern too. (See last week’s post about the supply list and resources)

Trace off one quarter of a full circle skirt pattern, mark mini length on it to know that you won’t be making the skirt too short, and note the full width of your fabric that you are using to know not to go any longer than this length.  Haven’t picked out your fabric yet?  Keep the full length shorter than 44” and no wider than 22” to maximize fabric usage based on my experience.  For the mini you’ll want to keep the length under 22 and the width under 11”.

So, decide on your pattern, track off your circle skirt, and have fun modifying that 1/6th of the skirt to be your tentacle!

Don’t forget to download the quick cosplay page for this week to take notes and reference when making your pattern.

Click here for this week’s download! 

We’ll see you next week for tentacle preparation!

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