Santa Con 2017 – Plainfield IL

They made their outfit!

When speaking about Cosplay to the greater world, we often cite groups of people who have loved to dress up in costumes.  Among the Ren Faires and Trekkers and military re-enactors we count as the earliest types of cosplayers are folks who love to dress up as Santa near the holidays.  So, when a Santa Claus “convention” appears in our hometown, we just had to attend!  We attended the latest edition, held on December 16th, 2017.

SantaCon has been running in downtown Plainfield IL for 5 years now.  Spanning over one evening, it’s to raise contributions for a local food pantry and to spread Santa cheer to downtown Plainfield IL.  There was a group photo, a Santa costume contest, and also a pub crawl.

Larry, the SantaCon organizer, and some elves!

Larry Ulfig, the organizer of SantaCon and lead Santa, says that 600 Santas and Elves were expected this year!    There are no rules for SantaCon, per se, other than to treat any children very well (and possibly provide a treat) and to “not be that Santa” by being disorderly.  With so many people dressed as Santa or elves, one bad Santa could ruin the event for all.  Larry stressed that this is NOT an ugly sweater event, but actually dressing up as Santa (or the elves or other related Christmas characters).

In fact there were lots of elves, Christmas trees, snowmen/snowladies, and more!  And of course, lots and lots of Santas.  As a cosplay site, we were on the lookout for folks who made their own outfits, and we were not disappointed. Though many of the Santa outfits were store bought, people did spend a lot to heavily embellish them with lights and more.

It was very cold the night SantaCon was held so layers in your costume were appreciated, especially waiting for the group photo to be taken. The food collected for the pantry filled a box truck which is that the event was all about.  Many of the local restaurants and bars took part in the pub crawl and it was a very merry and well behaved event.  Every place was packed with Santa and friends.  Enjoy the pictures of beautiful downtown Plainfield IL (home of Sew Much Cosplay™) and think about joining the fun next year by following their Facebook page!











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