Sansa the Seamstress made Margaery’s Wedding Dress?

Hi all – Cheryl here.  I’m going to do something a BIT different and now that Game of Thrones is over I wanted to chat about something I noticed but only at the finale.  I’m totally geeking out over the finale, and Sansa’s Queen of the North costume, and the cosplay potential is amazing, and we barely saw any stills of the dress!  But read on for a new theory I have because it concerns one of my other favorite dresses in the series!

Sansa Sewing / HBO

Sansa has been shown as having been sewing and making her own dresses from Season 1.

Sansa says she made her dress / HBO

She even tells the queen that she made her dress.

Sansa’s crude roses / Image courtesy Michele Carragher / HBO

But in Season 1 is a certain dress with a rose neckline.   It’s been established she makes her dresses so it’s easy to extrapolate that she made this one for the tournament, especially because of her fascination with Loras, Knight of the Roses.

Margaery’s Gown / Image courtesy Michele Carragher / HBO

Fast forward to Margaery’s wedding.  The dress, covered in roses and embroidery, isn’t stated as made by Sansa or inspired by her.  But it’s clear that the relationship between Sansa and Margaery and Olenna has grown.

Margaery’s Gown / Image courtesy Michele Carragher / HBO

They met about what kind of person Joffery is, so it could stand to reason they met other times about the wedding planning.  Sansa’s dress making skills are much better, and the roses are delicately and beautifully executed.  So I believe that Sansa either made or was heavily involved in the making of the dress. We have not seen these roses before other than Sansa’s tournament dress, also inspired by the Tyrell house sigil of the rose.

Sansa’s wedding dress to Tyrion / HBO

Margaery’s wedding dress to Tommen / HBO

But Joffrey dies and Sansa leaves town, and her next dress is more influenced by Sansa’s previous wedding dress than the Tyrell rose themed one.

Dark Sansa / HBO

Now stay with me, as this is where it changes up. Sansa’s journey with Littlefinger brings her to the Vale, and the reveal of “Dark Sansa”.  In a bit that I did not notice, the fabric in the Dark Sansa costume is the same as the fabric in Margaery’s dress, dyed dark, like Sansa’s hair is dyed dark. (I’ll wait while you scroll up to see.)

Promotional Still / Entertainment Weekly

Here is a promotional still of Sophie Turner in Entertainment Weekly where you can see the leaf detail on the dress.

Still sewing / HBO

Sansa continues to have her needle serve her with making clothes for herself and Jon, and eventually leads her to the finale.

Queen of the North / HBO

Queen Sansa’s dress is made from the same fabric as Margaery’s wedding dress and the Dark Sansa Dress! To me, this means that this fabric is available to Sansa.  Perhaps it’s woven in the North. Combined with the roses and the fabric being on Sansa twice now in two powerful scenes, I believe that Sansa created Margaery’s dress.  Margaery’s wedding dress was always the thumbing of her nose at Cersei, and who better to help with that other than the silent protest of Sansa!

Michele Clapton, the costume designer, confirms the fabric is in all three dresses.  Of course, Michele is a genius, and so is Michele Carragher, the lead embroiderer whom we have interviewed for this blog before!

So what do you think? Did Sansa make Margaery’s dress?

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