Pattern Round Up – Star Wars Version!

Hey everyone!  It’s time for another Pattern Round Up!  This is where we look at commercial patterns and let you know that with some slight adjustments, you could use these patterns as a jumping off point for your next cosplay.  Let’s get started with Rey, from the latest trilogy!

This pattern appeared in our Game of Thrones week because of the middle design.  However, the one on the right, looks similar enough to Rey (pictured right) that you could make it work.  The belt is not correct, but could be figured out.  Click here to buy Simplicity pattern 8074. 

This is a much better option for Rey because it comes with the belt and wrist cuff pattern in the package.  But, you don’t get the options to make the other views in the package like the Simplicity one, as this McCalls pattern only has one pattern inside. Click here to buy McCalls pattern M7421.

Staying with The Force Awakens, here’s a Kylo Ren that’s pretty great.  You just need a lightsaber and a mask, and you have it ready to go! Click here to buy McCalls pattern M7422. 

Want to be a Jedi?  Well this Simplicity pattern has a lot of the options you will need.  The outfit is a dead ringer for the Jedi clothing, and the robe just needs wider sleeves, as shown here on the right on Obi Wan Kenobi.  Click here to buy Simplicity pattern 5480. 

Want to have a little fun with your cosplay and make it your own?  This 3 pack of outfits play off of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and a Stormtrooper.  While not to everyone’s tastes, and you certainly won’t get into the 501st with one of these, they are fun. Click here to buy Simplicity pattern 8201. 

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