Dragon Con Wrap Up!

Wow!  It’s taken us a few days to recover from Dragon Con 2018, but we are sew excited to have met so many of you there!

We had a wonderful time meeting so many cosplayers.  Cheryl had not been to the show in 15 years! But it has not changed very much except in size.  Dragon Con has always had a large costuming aspect and even 15 years later, events like the Masquerade and such were still going strong.

Close to 90,000 attendees visit Altanta GA every year for Dragon Con.  One of the things we kept hearing is that everyone was so (sew?) happy that there was a cosplay supply company at the show.  Well, that was really awesome to hear, and we are more than happy to oblige.  Thanks to our pals at Famore Cutlery (the ScissorMan), we were thrilled to be there!

Our team did not get many opportunities to leave our booth, but we did rush over after the vendor hall closing one night to visit the Cosplay Museum.  We were in awe of the amazing cosplays we saw displayed there.  I don’t think we could have taken enough pictures of the amount of detail and love our fellow cosplayers put into their work and this was an amazing thing to see at the show.  It was well worth our tired feet and hot, sticky weather walk from the convention center to the hotel where the Museum was housed.  We really don’t know how some of you do it in costume at this show!  Atlanta weather can be really brutal sometimes.

One of the most important things we do at the show is to help fellow cosplayers with repairs.  From busted shoes, to straps that came loose, to frayed and stepped-on hems, we really enjoyed meeting you and helping you make your cosplays whole again!  We were able to sit and chat with many of you while you got your repairs, and we hope that we sent you on with information and education.

Big thanks to everyone who came by to visit us at our booth and we hope to see you next year.  Ashley, Clarissa, and Cheryl had a lovely time meeting you! Sign up for our email and be notified when we will be in your area next!


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