Cosplay Conversation: Diana Quake

Name: Diana Quake

Location: Chicago IL

Facebook: Diana Quake Cosplay

Instagram: @DianaQuake


About this specific Cosplay: Roadhog


Tell us about your cosplay. What was your inspiration?/why did you choose this character?

I usually only cosplay characters that resemble my physique and personality, but after playing Overwatch I wanted to challenge myself and go out of my comfort zone. Roadhog is my complete opposite, loud and full of energy. It was so refreshing to become him, but also to show my take on a male character. It was my first genderbend.

How long did it take to make your Cosplay?

I would say about two weeks, with most of the work done in the 3 days before it needed to be done. Con crunch is real, haha. The rest of the days were spent adding props and touching up things that didn’t work out as expected originally.

What was your biggest challenge?

This was the first time I had worked with EVA foam and Worbla so extensively. It was a whole new set of skills I needed to learn.

What was your budget? Approximately how much did you spend?

The budget was around $200, but this is a rough estimate. Many of the materials I already had, and some were repurposed. I try to reuse and recycle things as much as I possibly can. The most expensive items were the Worbla for the hook and EVA foam due to the large amount used.


What special techniques did you use?

I used everything from foam smithing (a ton of foam smithing), sculpting, thermal plastic molding, airbrushing, vector design patterning… to sewing, wig styling, and a custom design for the temporary tattoo.

What was the most satisfying about making this Cosplay/What made you proud?

It was very rewarding to try new techniques, and see the final product come to life. But ultimately it was very satisfying to cosplay something different, to become a completely different person, especially since I could wear a full mask.

If you had to remake this Cosplay, what would you do differently?

Everything came out really well, but if I had to redo it, I would make use of patterns more often. A lot of the earlier pieces were eyeballed and perfected through much trial and error. The patterns would have saved me time.


About Cosplay in general:

How often do you Cosplay?

Somewhere around once a month at least. This includes new and repeating costumes.

How many cosplay do you do?

I don’t make a ton of cosplays. Probably around 7 a year. I like to only choose those I am very passionate about. This number is however, growing every year, haha.


What do you want to make next?

Next up is the Vegas Star Trek Convention. I am making my take on the Starfleet uniform and a Vulcan priestess gown from The Search for Spock movie.


Favorite cosplay moment?

My favorite cosplay moments are always when a kid is excited about my costume. I can never say no to a photo op with a kid. They are absolutely adorable!

Favorite fandoms to follow?

I’m a huge trekkie, so I gotta say Star Trek of course, but have recently gotten into more Star Wars and am very much enjoying learning about the expanded universe. I also suggest checking out Fallout. The mix of futuristic technology, 50’s style, and post-apocalyptic world make for a very unique environment.

What sewing machine do you sew on?

I have a Singer Brilliance for my regular sewing, and for sturdier materials a Singer 3115.

What materials do you like using?

I’m open to all materials. Since my background is in Steampunk and Victorian gowns I love working with heavier fabrics, such as beautifully detailed upholstery.

What materials do you want to try?

I would love to work more with chiffon. I am actually incorporating it in my Vulcan costume this summer.

What materials do you wish were easier to work with?

Oh, 4-way stretch! Sadly most of the superhero costumes are made out of it, so you learn and adapt and become very patient, haha.

What techniques are you dying to learn?

I would love to do more embroidery. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do gold embroidery. Recently I discovered silk ribbon embroidery, and it seems like a fun way to add detailing to your costumes and even clothes! So I may start with that.


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