Cosplay Conversation: Carrie Stier Talks About Her Nights King Build


After her amazing interview last week, we got requests for more information about how she built her Nights King cosplay. She was kind enough to share her notes with us. Thanks Carrie!

Game of Thrones

Nights King Cosplay

There are several different versions of the Nights King outfit you can find when you scroll through Google images. I consider this character the Nights King and the version with the long hair a White Walker.


I tried to pick materials that looked as close to this costume version as per my personal interpretation. The “skirt” and pant-legs I made using an old canvas paint drop cloth. I cut into strips and sewed together using the photo as my guide. I used grommets and a piece of leather string under the front “apron” to lace up the skirt. The front apron is held on over the lacing using a snap on either side. I held the pant legs (two separate legs) up using vet-wrap high up on my thigh, which was hidden by the skirt. If I had to do over I would have sewn them onto some leggings or other type pants to hold them up better. After sewing I dyed the pieces black. I tried using fabric spray paint and/or regular paint on a sample piece of fabric but it dried too stiff for my liking.

Now for the hard part —- the “armor” My interpretation of the top pieces is that it is more like a leather “shirt” rather than a hard armor. That being said, I wanted as close to the body fit for the top as I could get. Using pieces of leather from a few leather coats found at Good Will I fashioned a tank top with grommets down the side to lace it on with. I used small pieces of foam glued to the leather tank top to mimic the pattern on the photo. I recommend barge cement or specific leather glue. I found other glues did not work well on the leather. Because of your body type, you may be able to achieve a better look by using a form fitting black t-shirt for this piece. I used pieces of the paint canvas for the detail at the bottom front of the shirt/armor and sewed it on. Since I made my costume, I ran into another Nights King at the Con of Thrones in Nashville.  He made his armor completely from Eva foam.  It reminded me of a Turtle shell the way it fit him.  He was also tall and thin so it worked well for him.  For my body type, I am not sure how it would fit because “boobs”.

The shoulder pieces are eva foam with the small pieces of foam glued to it to create the look I wanted. I curved the inside of the foam to fit around my neck and used a slight convex curve on the shoulder edge. After several attempts at securing the shoulder piece to the leather vest, I ended up using short screws with washers on the back to hold into place. I found a collar piece that is made for a Kylo Ren costume to hide the bottom edge of the mask. If your skill level allows, I would recommend using prosthetics or make up.  I personally found the mask hard to hear and see out of.

After the top was all put together, I sprayed it with black spray foam to seal it and add a bit of texture. Then I used some glitter spray to add an icy look. Arm bracers were made from strips of left over leather. I was not happy with the way they turned out. I made several different versions. It was hard to get them to fit correctly because I didn’t have anyone to help hold them on me while building. If you end up using a black shirt for the top, get a long sleeve one and just wrap leather around the arms to achieve the look. I used a bit of white body paint on my arms and hands where the skin was showing. Not solid white but a streaked look.

Instead of a weapon, I went with Craster Baby instead because I felt it would be an unexpected prop.  I found a doll I thought looked most like the reference pictures.  To achieve the specific frozen blue eye look, I took the doll to the lady that paints my nails and she painted the eyes to give them the creepy look.



Things I learned with this build:

  • navigating a large con in a mask and substantial costume pieces is NOT easy and you probably want to test it out at a smaller con first. I can’t imagine how hard it is for the really BIG costumes.
  • It is good to challenge yourself with a character outside of your comfort zone, but it is also ok to say—Nope…this wasn’t for me.
  • If choosing a more involved costume get a buddy to go with you to the con. I was alone and this costume was difficult to get into by myself. I also couldn’t take any pictures of myself or others.

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