Ursula Sew A Long – Week 4 – Final Dress Details

Hi Everyone!  Let’s get this Ursula cosplay finished!

This week were assembling the bodice, attaching it to the skirt, and making the shell from Hero Foam.

If you haven’t already traced off and cut out your pattern pieces form the pattern with your pattern tissue, now is the time!  If you need to make any adjustments such as blending sizes or shortening/lengthening the bodice do that now.  Personally, I take 1” out of the length of this bodice for myself, I’m more of an apple shape so for the waist seam to hit correctly I need to remove that length.  After you’ve traced off and cut out your pattern its time to cut it out.  The lower bodice pieces will be cut from your black spandex and the top, sleeves, and neckband will be cut from the purple spandex.

The video for this section has some helpful tips to put together the front of the bodice to make a sharp point in the center.

I didn’t want to go into too much detail as the pattern has great directions with it already.

Now that you’ve got the cosplay all together lets look at the accessories!  This week were going to tackle the shell necklace.  My housemate Alli helped with this one, were using Hero Foam in the 6mm thickness to make the shell.  You can make it from 2 or 3 thicknesses, I just liked the depth from the three layers.  Use contact cement to glue the three pieces together and waited a few minutes to make sure that it was completely dry.

At this point you can pain the shell however you’d like, spray paint, acrylic paint, mixed media paint, its really your choice.  I’ve use all sorts of paint on the Hero Foam and it turns out well.  If you’ve got a small scrap of felt available you can use it to secure a jump ring to the back of the shell with some hot glue or the contact cement after the paint is dry.  Add it to a ready made necklace or make one and you’ve got the first accessory finished!  If you wanted to make shell earrings too, you could do the same thing for those and then finish them on earring wires.

Click HERE to download the worksheet and instructions for this part of the build!

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Ursula Sew A Long – Week 2

{Editor note: Life got totally in the way of posting this last week, but look for an update by the end of this week for Week 3! – Cheryl}

Hey everyone! Ashley here…This week we’re going to tackle the tentacles and prepare them to be quilted and put together with their counter parts.  Last week you should have drafted the tentacle pattern and learned how much super structure foam and fabric you needed for this week.

Take the pattern that you made for your tentacles and lay it out to roughly cut out the shape of your tentacles from your fabric of choice.  I layered up all 6 layers of quilting weight cotton that I had and roughly cut out all of them in one pass with my Sew Much Cosplay Sew Super Shears.  You don’t need to be exact here, a basic shape is going to be more helpful at this point than being precise.

After you’ve cut all of your tentacles out you need to fuse them to the super structure foam.  Twist and turn them to fill out the space in the most efficient way possible to have good size scraps left for your next project.  Go ahead and give them all a good press to fuse your fabric t the super structure foam.  Next you’ll want to lay out the tentacle pattern on each one and outline that shape.  I used sidewalk chalk to get a nice bright marking at this point to be able to see it well.  On to the suckers!

To cut my suckers I used an O from font I found online and layered 3 of them inside of one another to get the shape I wanted.  I’m including the SVG file that I used if you want to recreate the same sucker.  For the first one of these I made I cut 9 complete sets per tentacle and pressed them on, the size of your tentacle may require more or less.

Click here to download the Suckers_SVG file!

Powershine Glitter and Foil are heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and go on easily with your home iron.  If you are not familiar with HTV, it is comprised of the pretty vinyl as well as a clear carrier sheet.  When you use a digital cutter to cut it you usually only cut though the pretty side and then weed (remove) the vinyl that you are not using leaving what you want stuck to the clear carrier sheet so you can press it on your surface.  This technique is generally referred to as a kiss cut or a half cut.  In this case, I wanted to cut entirely though the carrier sheet too so I had 6 separate ovals to use for suckers. Cut as desired, with a digital cutter or by hand.  Arrange them on your tentacle and press on the arrangement you desire following the directions on the package for iron temperature.

Peel off the clear carrier sheet once the Powershine Glitter has cooled, this is referred to as a cold peel and ensures that the Powershine is set before you remove the carrier sheet (at this point the Powershine is machine washable, can be dried in the drier and is also able to be dry cleaned).  Repeat for the rest and I’ll see you here next week so we can quilt and assemble the tentacles!

Click here to download this week’s printable here! 

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Ursula Sew A Long – Week 1 – Drafting Tentacles!

Hey everyone, Ashley here.  Ok, let’s Go!  Hopefully you were able to source your materials for this week, if you didn’t find everything yet, that’s okay.  Let’s dive in!

In this week’s video I’ll be showing you how to modify your pattern for the tentacles based on a full circle skirt pattern.  My recommended pattern is Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart Dress, you can also work this week from a full circle skirt pattern too. (See last week’s post about the supply list and resources)

Trace off one quarter of a full circle skirt pattern, mark mini length on it to know that you won’t be making the skirt too short, and note the full width of your fabric that you are using to know not to go any longer than this length.  Haven’t picked out your fabric yet?  Keep the full length shorter than 44” and no wider than 22” to maximize fabric usage based on my experience.  For the mini you’ll want to keep the length under 22 and the width under 11”.

So, decide on your pattern, track off your circle skirt, and have fun modifying that 1/6th of the skirt to be your tentacle!

Don’t forget to download the quick cosplay page for this week to take notes and reference when making your pattern.

Click here for this week’s download! 

We’ll see you next week for tentacle preparation!

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Ursula Cosplay Sew A Long – Week 0! Let’s get started!

Hi everyone, I’m Ashley and I’m going to be leading this sew-a-long!  I have been cosplaying for 16 years when I first started with characters from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and have been doing it since.  Over the years I became a costumer specializing in costumes for tRHPS and have been shipping around the world since 2007.   

Here with Sew Much Cosplay my first cosplay is widely recognizable as Ursula from The Little Mermaid!

She was decided upon from thinking about the Sew Much Cosplay products and what I could make from them.  I’m calling this week zero so you can gather what you’ll need to get a good grasp on this project.  I’m including the supply list for every week this week so you’ve got them and can plan accordingly.  Next week we’ll jump straight in to how to make the pattern for the tentacles.  If you scroll all the way to the bottom you’ll see I made this into a quick two page printable for you to reference and check off!

Here’s a quick video of some of what you’ll need from the Sew Much Cosplay Line!

Week 1: Let’s make a pattern!

Week 2: Tentacle prep

Week 3: Tentacle quilting and assembly

  • Black Lycra (similar yardage to your original tentacles, plus and extra ½ yard we’ll use next week)
  • Sewing machine of your choice (home sewing machine or longarm)
  • Free motion quilting foot or walking foot
  • Thread purple and black
  • Sewing machine needles
  • Pins (I prefer ballpoint pins for this particular sew)
  • Clips (you can skip these and just use pins, but I really like the clips!)
  • Fabric Scissors

Week 4: Top assembly and shell necklace

  • Black Lycra (you should have this from week 3)
  • Purple Lycra (1 yd at most)
  • Pattern tissue (left from week 1)
  • RNK Stitch Perfection Tape
  • 5” Waistband elastic or similar elastic (optional, but recommended)
  • Pen/pencil/marker
  • Marking pen/chalk
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing machine needles
  • Thread
  • Serger with 4 threads and two needles (optional)
  • Sew Much Cosplay Hero Foam 6mm (I used 4”x15”)
  • Sew Much Cosplay Awesome Armor Snips
  • Contact cement (source it at your local hardware store)
  • Dremel or another rotary tool (or you could use an Xacto knife)

Week 5: Floatsam and Jetsam

  • Sea foam green satin
  • Teal organza
  • Black (6”x12”), Yellow(4”x6”), White (6”x12”), Pink (4”x6”) cotton fabrics for appliqués
  • Sew Much Cosplay Powerboost Lining
  • Sew Much Cosplay Mighty Fuse
  • RNK Sew Shrink Fabric
  • RNK Embroidery Batting
  • RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape
  • Embroidery machine, with arm, hoop, and black embroidery thread (optional, you can do the applique on your regular machine too)

Week 6: Bonus Petticoat for Volume

  • 6” Rolls of tulle (or tulle to cut into strips) (I used 4 50’ rolls of black, 2 light purple, and 1 each of medium purple, dark purple, light blue and dark blue)
  • 5” waistband elastic
  • .5-1 yd Lycra or other stretchy fabric for lining
  • Serger with 4 threads and 2 needles
    • Or Sewing machine with needle and thread

Click HERE for the downloadable Supply List!  Look for these products at a store near you or Online!

See you next week for week 1 of the sew-a-long!

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Sansa the Seamstress made Margaery’s Wedding Dress?

Hi all – Cheryl here.  I’m going to do something a BIT different and now that Game of Thrones is over I wanted to chat about something I noticed but only at the finale.  I’m totally geeking out over the finale, and Sansa’s Queen of the North costume, and the cosplay potential is amazing, and we barely saw any stills of the dress!  But read on for a new theory I have because it concerns one of my other favorite dresses in the series!

Sansa Sewing / HBO

Sansa has been shown as having been sewing and making her own dresses from Season 1.

Sansa says she made her dress / HBO

She even tells the queen that she made her dress.

Sansa’s crude roses / Image courtesy Michele Carragher / HBO

But in Season 1 is a certain dress with a rose neckline.   It’s been established she makes her dresses so it’s easy to extrapolate that she made this one for the tournament, especially because of her fascination with Loras, Knight of the Roses.

Margaery’s Gown / Image courtesy Michele Carragher / HBO

Fast forward to Margaery’s wedding.  The dress, covered in roses and embroidery, isn’t stated as made by Sansa or inspired by her.  But it’s clear that the relationship between Sansa and Margaery and Olenna has grown.

Margaery’s Gown / Image courtesy Michele Carragher / HBO

They met about what kind of person Joffery is, so it could stand to reason they met other times about the wedding planning.  Sansa’s dress making skills are much better, and the roses are delicately and beautifully executed.  So I believe that Sansa either made or was heavily involved in the making of the dress. We have not seen these roses before other than Sansa’s tournament dress, also inspired by the Tyrell house sigil of the rose.

Sansa’s wedding dress to Tyrion / HBO

Margaery’s wedding dress to Tommen / HBO

But Joffrey dies and Sansa leaves town, and her next dress is more influenced by Sansa’s previous wedding dress than the Tyrell rose themed one.

Dark Sansa / HBO

Now stay with me, as this is where it changes up. Sansa’s journey with Littlefinger brings her to the Vale, and the reveal of “Dark Sansa”.  In a bit that I did not notice, the fabric in the Dark Sansa costume is the same as the fabric in Margaery’s dress, dyed dark, like Sansa’s hair is dyed dark. (I’ll wait while you scroll up to see.)

Promotional Still / Entertainment Weekly

Here is a promotional still of Sophie Turner in Entertainment Weekly where you can see the leaf detail on the dress.

Still sewing / HBO

Sansa continues to have her needle serve her with making clothes for herself and Jon, and eventually leads her to the finale.

Queen of the North / HBO

Queen Sansa’s dress is made from the same fabric as Margaery’s wedding dress and the Dark Sansa Dress! To me, this means that this fabric is available to Sansa.  Perhaps it’s woven in the North. Combined with the roses and the fabric being on Sansa twice now in two powerful scenes, I believe that Sansa created Margaery’s dress.  Margaery’s wedding dress was always the thumbing of her nose at Cersei, and who better to help with that other than the silent protest of Sansa!

Michele Clapton, the costume designer, confirms the fabric is in all three dresses.  Of course, Michele is a genius, and so is Michele Carragher, the lead embroiderer whom we have interviewed for this blog before!


So what do you think? Did Sansa make Margaery’s dress?

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Sew Much Cosplay™ at Fanboy Expo in Knoxville TN!

Join us at Fanboy Expo in Knoxville TN, June 29th to July 1st in 2018.  We will have all of our Cosplay creation materials on hand.  Get a demo of any of our products, as we would love to show you just how amazing the Sew Much Cosplay™ collection really is!

We will be at the Expo in Booth H1501. We hope to see you there!

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Cosplay Conversation – Katy Gross

Lady Three from Drakengard

Name:  Katy Gross
Location:   Wisconsin
Facebook: Timeline Cosplay
Instagram: butter_the_furrett
Twitter: seungmina56

Photos by Nicholas Cruz Cafaro – https://www.facebook.com/NickCafaroPhotography

Tell us about your cosplay. What was your inspiration?/why did you choose this character?

.hack//sign – Tsukasa:   .hack was one of my first anime that I watched.  I enjoyed it so much and really wanted to cosplay the character.  It was also one of the first few anime I bought, and I was excited to own all of it.  I don’t remember now if I related to the character a lot or not, but it’s still one of my favorite cosplays of all time.

Drakengard – Lady Three:  This was… the cosplay that saved me from giving up cosplay.  Around the time of 2016, I was going downhill in a big bad way.  Depression was sinking in and I was giving up on a lot of things.  Then I saw one of my favorite youtubers playing Drakengard 3, and in particular the DLC about the sisters.  I saw Lady Three and something in my brain clicked.  Something just fell into place.  I HAD to cosplay her and I had to do her outfit.  I began gathering materials, items, figuring out how to do her as quickly as I could.  For Anime Milwaukee 2016 I showcased her first version, and then I completely remade her for Sabakon 2016 and Daisho 2016.  I tell everyone that this character literally saved my desire to cosplay when I was in such a slump.  Not everyone gets that lucky.

Tsukasa from .hack//sign

How long did it take to make your Cosplay?

Tsukasa – It didn’t take me long to make this.  I found everything at Goodwill, painted a sweatshirt and made the hat out of felt and Kleenex box tops.  I got lucky on the boots too, and just had to add a button to close one of them.
Lady Three – I made it twice over 2016, so it took me the whole of that year for it.  I did special fabric for the second version as well as investing in worbla and wood scissors.

What was your biggest challenge?

Tsukasa –  The hat actually.  And the wig.  I had to remake both twice.  The wig used to be a goodwill wig, and it lasted me for years.  The hat I lost in 2013 at Anime Milwaukee and remade it to fit my head better.  I still had materials left over from the first time.

Lady Three – The worbla armor.  I had never worked with worbla before, and it was exactly what I wanted to make my armor out of and it turned out fantastic.  I had to mold, shape, glue, paint everything.  From making the cast to the foam to the worbla then, it was quite a challenge.  I spent a lot of late nights trying to get everything just right.  The second biggest challenge was the scissor blades.  I had carved and traced smooth foam into the right shape and sanded it down to the right level.  I was really happy with how those had turned out and in my ignorance; I had decided to spray paint them.  I didn’t know what would happen and they melted beneath my eyes.  I was surprised I didn’t cry, and I had a week to remake a pair which I made out of foam board and painted, and weren’t as nice but not too shabby.  The third version of the scissors were made of wood, which I then sanded, painted, drilled a hole and put in a post so they opened and closed.  I lovingly refer to it as my child.

What was your budget? Approximately how much did you spend?
Tsukasa – At most, $30 bucks.  Most of it was from goodwill so I didn’t do much sewing.

Lady Three – I didn’t have a budget for this one and as I made two versions of it, I ended up spending a lot more than I thought I would.  I think between the worbla ($86 jumbo sheet), special silk fabric ($80) and everything else I probably spent around $400 overall on this.

What special techniques did you use?

Tsukasa – If hot glue and simple painting was a technique, then this is it.  I didn’t do a lot to get it to look how I wanted.  It was a pretty simple cosplay all things considered and I make a lot more advanced looking ones now.

Lady Three – Working with worbla was a first for me.  I rather enjoyed every bit of it.  I’d sit there with a heat gun working on shaping and molding and watching youtube, it was rather soothing.  I didn’t really use any special techniques but I watched as many tutorials as I could before I began so I at least had basic knowledge on what to do with the worbla as I was heating it up and shaping it.

What was the most satisfying about making this Cosplay/What made you proud?

Tsukasa – I enjoyed it immensely.  It felt good to wear it (first time was in High School to school actually), and it was warm and comfortable.  I was incredibly proud of the hat.  When I wear it nowadays I like tickling people’s nostalgia.

Lady Three – The armor made me so happy with how it turned out.  Seeing it come together on me for the first time I just could barely contain my excitement.  It was a learning experience on how to walk in it but I LOVED it.

If you had to remake this Cosplay, what would you do differently?

Tsukasa – I’d make everything from scratch this time and make the staff.  I didn’t do that this time but I’m still in love with how I did it.

Lady Three – I’m going to be remaking it, and adding embroidery to the dress, bellowing out the skirt for some more twirl and potentially making the arm armor, which I didn’t before as I was worried about being able to move.  I might also have to remake the leg armor as my body has changed a little bit and it was shaped to my legs as they were two years ago at this point.

How often do you Cosplay?
I cosplay all the time.  Or as often as I can.  I used to go to only a few conventions but I’ve expanded my range and gone to photoshoots and meet ups.  I’ve been at this for about 18 years but I’ve really only gotten heavily involved in the community the past two years and I really feel at home.  Last year I think including small cons made it to about 8 conventions, this year I might be at around 10, give or take what my schedule allows or what people want to drag me to.

How many cosplay do you do?
I do a lot.  I have about 30ish outfits that I can choose from, though I can’t fit into all of them anymore.  Working on remaking and upgrading some of them.  A lot of them are obscure characters or horror characters and I love all of them.  I have Sae Kurosawa from Fatal Frame 2, Reika Kuze from Fatal Frame 3; I have Sachiko from Corpse Party and Fran Bow from Fran Bow.

What do you want to make next?
I have a full body armor build planned as well as working through the costume materials I’ve been sitting on for years, including Magic Knight Rayearth and I have a Pokemon Go/Sailor Moon crossover group for Acen 2018.  I’m sitting on so much of a stockpile it’s incredible so my goal is to work through those.  I also want to make a Ballgown pokemon Gijinka.

Favorite cosplay moment?
This one is easy.  It was Sunday of Anime Milwaukee, 2015, and I was walking around as Morgiana from Magi.   There were two kids who all of a sudden went, “MORGIANA MORGIANA!” and they ran up to me with their mom.  They were dressed as Ali Baba and Aladdin and they were so happy to see a Morgiana and I got my pic with them.  That made me feel amazing to make those kid’s day.

Favorite fandoms to follow?

The Adventure Zone is actually one of my favorite fandoms to follow because everyone in it is so nice, and I’ve been getting into Ancient Magus’s Bride and am in love with the characters.  My obscure fandoms are Fatal Frame and Valkyrie Connect and I do love those with all my heart.  Also Monster Hunter, it’s amazing and I’ve made a few friends through it and it’s such an awesome game.

What sewing machine do you sew on?
I have a Brother machine.  Its old but it works really well and I’m happy to have it.  I sometimes have borrowed my Grandmother’s simplicity sewing machine as well, which has a lot more sewing options and a touch screen layout.

What materials do you like using?
I love Worbla.  I really do.  Worbla is amazing to work with and I love making armor.  It’s really sturdy and I enjoy it.  Prepping it with wood glue and painting it, it was amazing to watch it all come together and once its together its really sturdy and feels a bit like armor, though it isn’t metal.  I also love just sewing basic cotton, watching the pieces come together into something magical.  Gathered skirts are really time consuming but I enjoy every step of it because they have such nice flow and I just like watching them move.

What materials do you want to try?
I haven’t worked with fur yet in a major capacity but I will be making a big tail this year so I’m excited for it.   I also want to experiment with some other kinds of foam and worbla just to see how they all function.  I also really want to get more into LED lights and make things glow.  I love to light things up.

What materials do you wish were easier to work with?
Stretchy fabric.  Sewing stretchy fabric is such a pain to work with.  I have a basic grasp on them but I still find myself having trouble with them no matter the outfit.

Thanks, Katy, for sharing your cosplay and photos with us! Want to be featured on our site? We would love to show your cosplay to the world!  Check out our Submissions page and send us an email! 

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Cosplay Conversation – Diego Alberto

Tell us about yourself:
Name: Diego Alberto
Location: Aurora,IL
Website: Www.diegoalbertophotography.com
Instagram: Diegoalbertphotography
Cosplay Affiliations: Fox Valley Cosplayers on Facebook

Tell us about your cosplay. What was your inspiration?/why did you choose this character?

My inspiration is and will always be superheroes. Occasional I do choose a character from the anime genre. I’ve always dreamed of being a superhero ever since I was a little boy, to this day I continue that dream. Now I have photoshop that makes this dream become more realistic.

How long did it take to make your Cosplay?

I don’t know how to sew, so normally I tend to buy all my outfits.

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge has to be Money, normally don’t have that extra expense to buy or make my outfits for the next project.

What was your budget? Approximately how much did you spend?

I try to maintain a budget around 80 dollars. Normally I buy everything I need after Halloween, which everything is half off.

What special techniques did you use?

I’m also a photographer, so other techniques I tend to use is photoshop.

What was the most satisfying about making this Cosplay/What made you proud?

Well actually looking like the character from my show/comics. My photoshop skills are improving and making me proud at the moment.

If you had to remake this Cosplay, what would you do differently?

Finalizing my look, it’s all about learning and growing in life. That was my best or budget at the moment, no way I would go back and change anything. Just continue to make my talents better.

How often do you Cosplay? 

I normally do two photo shoots twice a month.

How many cosplay do you do?

I own around 6-7 outfits right now.

What do you want to make next?

The next character I would love to portray would either be Batman or Captain America.

Favorite cosplay moment? 

Being able to use photoshop to finalize all my looks to actually resemble a comic book.

Favorite fandoms to follow?

One person I love to follow is @itlookslikekilled

What materials do you want to try?

My next move will be to use makeup

What materials do you wish were easier to work with?

At the moment, makeup

What techniques are you dying to learn?

Following more intense makeup, like using makeup for special effects.

Thanks, Diego, for sharing your cosplay and photos with us! Want to be featured on our site? We would love to show your cosplay to the world!  Check out our Submissions page and send us an email! 

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