Catch Sew Much Cosplay™ on It’s Sew Easy!

You can catch Cheryl of Sew Much Cosplay™ on It’s Sew Easy, a television program about sewing and making which is available on PBS.  That’s right, you can catch cosplay making right on your television!  The entire program is really great for all kinds of sewing tips, and we have been big fans of the show even before we had the honor of being asked to be on the show.

Cheryl makes two cosplay projects on the show this newest season (Series 1400), including making foam armor pieces out of our very own Hero Foam!  The other project is a steampunk skirt that converts from long to short using grommets!  That project is perfect for Ren faires, Steampunk, or alternate history versions of your contemporary cosplay characters.

Check this page to see if It’s Sew Easy is in your area, and if you catch the episodes, be sure to tell us!

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