The Sew Much Cosplay™ Line of Products is Here!

IT’S FINALLY HERE!  The day we have been waiting for has arrived!  The Sew Much Cosplay™ line of products is out and we couldn’t be happier.

The line debuted at a major sewing trade event in Houston, TX called Quilt Market.  It’s not just for quilting as all sorts of sewing vendors are there, and this is the set up and booth by Sew Much Cosplay™!

You can see the new Purple Mage cosplay Cheryl has been working on and teasing over on Instagram for a while, as well as the Steampunk cosplay and Game of Thrones cape that was made recently.   The Purple Mage costume has every single one of the cosplay line of products in it, so we are excited to have it finished for the show.

It’s a real treat to see the products in their retail packaging and in the displays that retailers can order.  Here’s what our Hero Foam looks like in it’s display!  We are super proud of this foam made specifically for cosplay.

Here’s the full display of products!  Including our Power Boost Interlining, Super Structure Foam, Power Shine Glitter and Foils, and yes, that’s a 3D printer that retailers can carry along with the rest of our products!!  How cool is that?

Want to check out the line?  Click HERE to see the line.  Want to see retailers who are picking up the line to buy it? Click HERE to find our list of retailers.  It’s growing every day so check back often. And be sure to ask your independent sewing or comic store to carry it if they are not on the list!

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