About Us

Better Education. Better products.

Better Cosplay.

Are you tired of spending hundreds of hours on a cosplay only to have it fall apart on your first day at the con? Frustrated that you can’t clean your cosplay after spending so much time to make it perfect?

Sew Much Cosplay™ was born from a desire to create better cosplay. There is some amazing Cosplay out there – and we love it! But we have also seen firsthand the cosplayers spend so much time trying to figure out which products will help them create that screen-perfect cosplay only to have less than perfect results. We have seen the products not holding their shape or their paint simply because they aren’t meant for that application.

What if we told you there is a better way?  Cheryl and Tracy bring costume construction and 25+ years of sewing experience to the table. They are working hard to create content, tutorials, and better products for your cosplay arsenal, as well as bringing cosplay products and classes to your local sewing stores. We want to give you the tools and techniques you need to create the costumes of your dreams.